Display your contents where it matters!
ARY is an AR Media which display Video, Numeric double, Picture and 3D objects
Display your video anywhere and the customer will be able to load them on their phone
3D objects
Present your product through different scenario into the store
Numeric Double
Generated through photogrammetry or videogrammetry, they can interact with the customer to transfer any kind of message or to create any specific experience.
Communication is the art of the product promotion. Please continue the experience anywhere
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All types of display


ARY pro offers a solution to create anywhere a virtual scene where you can anchor; video, Numeric double, picture and 3D objects. All the elements will be visible through the user’s phone.

Thanks to the free ARY Store App, consumers can discover, through the camera of their smartphone, an amazing ecosystem of augmented reality objects in the store. Numeric double, Private Sales Vouchers, Virtual Model, Gamified Operations, Videos, Instruction Leaflets, Advanced Sharing Features and so on, let them experience a forward-thinking way to shop and feel stakeholder of the brand.

The consumer will be able to catch all the virtual elements into the store and to bring them into their private sphere to enjoy family or friendly experience and to share them on their network

Administration Tools & Hardware

The tools of the ARY solution have been designed to facilitate integration and management in stores. Brands and branches can easily
create the augmented reality ecosystem according to their business strategy.

The Hardware/Beacon

To Create a complete scene and to register the accurate position of the virtual elements the solution integrates 3 small beacons to fix either on the wall or on the roof.

The Back office

Web interface to manage all the features and events you want to set up. Once set up everything would be manageable from the web.

The Phone APP

ARY offers a fully integrated application to see through the phone all the virtual elements anchored in the store but also so see and to share them at home to enhance the experience with family and friends.

ARY Pro is working without QR code and Glasses

It offers of complete freedom of the users or customer movement within the virtual space.



Ary Business

ARY business is a very light solution to enter in the AR world. You can create easily a temporary virtual scene to promote different kind of solution. Those solutions are nice to be used in real estate environment to change house decoration, in Art Gallery to try virtually a paint and sculpture at home or to gamified space.


With a simple QR code and your Ary’s App you can create different environment and to share them with your customers

Real Estate

ARY offers you the possibility to simulate decorations into empty home or try on of furniture in space allocated


Generate different game into different spaces for birthday parties or just to have fun

ART Expo

Before buying you can try paint or sculpture virtually on the real environment

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